VIDEO: Police Dog Training Blooper is Hilariously Awesome

Too - Police Dog Training Exercise Bloopers

What happens when this police training dog was asked to freeze in the middle of a training session? Find out as a normal training session takes a surprising turn to the shock of “robber” and the dog’s trainers.

The video starts off showing two trainers: one holding the dog and the other in protective gear while the dog walks up and circles him. The trainer can be seen at 0:16 telling the dog to heel, while the other trainer tells the crowd that he is minding his own business and everything is fine.

Source: YouTube – AFV Animals

At 0:29 the geared trainer runs toward the dog to demonstrate that the dog will attack if provoked. As the trainer screams in pain, the other trainer tells the dog to release to show just how obedient the animal can be when trained properly. What happens next was completely unexpected.

The 0:39 second mark shows the dog going between the geared trainer’s legs with his mouth wide open – like he is smiling – while the trainer quivers at the dog biting down on his manly parts.

It’s tough to be a police dog in training, but when the dog has a little personality and things get boring, his personality really shines through.

Did you Know These Fun Facts about Police Dogs?

Here are some interesting facts we’ve uncovered about Police Dogs & their training:

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Did you know some police dogs speak Dutch? Photo Credit:

  • The first police dog in the United States was dispatched in 1907 in New York City.
  • German Shepherds were the first K9 police dogs and are still the number 1 dogs seen in the field.
  • Training starts at a young age, and takes just 10 weeks for most dogs. Training is continued daily with a handler, and group training is conducted twice a month.
  • The average canine is only in the field for 6 to 8 years.
  • Many future police dogs come from Europe, and are trained in Dutch. Rumor has it this is done so the average American citizen can’t give commands to the animal.
  • Able to smell humans 12 feet underground, these dogs can search areas 4 times faster than humans and are taught to alert trainers in different ways when a scent is found.

These are some amazing animals!