Watch as These People Taste Test Dog Food

Watch as these 4 brave souls try have a taste test on the popular dog food brands. Too Funny!

This is just hilarious! Ever wondered what your dog’s food tastes like? Had a little nibble of puppy’s kibble?

Obviously this is a test group of people that did not realize their mission would be to sample dog food. Enjoy this video as a group of subjects perform a taste test of some of the most popular dog food brands. Their reactions are priceless!

VIDEO: People Try Dog Food For The First Time


Source: YouTube/Buzzfeed

I just love the one guy who keeps repeating – “What’re we doing here? C’mon, What’re we doing here?” It seems like he really might cry – Too funny!

From chunky wet dog food to multi-colored dry, cupcakes treats and pretty little packaged pate (think this might have been the worse one), these daring test subjects try it all!

In the words of test subject #4: “This is the worst decision…”