Fun Facts About Dogs

Looking for fun facts about dogs? We have compiled 10 fun facts that are sure to amaze even the most avid dog owner or trainer. Do you know all these facts? Find out.

Dogs. You can never say enough about their loyalty and the level of companionship they provide. Man’s best friend may spend all day with you, but there are a lot of fun facts about dogs that even the most avid dog owner doesn’t know.

Chances are, you don’t know these 10 facts about dogs.

1. Their “Smell” Center is Huge

You know that your pup has a strong sense of smell, but did you know dogs have a scent center that is 40 times larger than yours or mine? While the average person has 5 million scent receptors, dogs have 125 million or more.

2. Dog Noses are Equivalent to Human Fingerprints

You will never see another dog’s nose be exactly the same as your dog. Why? A dog’s nose is essentially their fingerprint, with its own unique pattern and creases.

Did you know - every dog's nose is unique?

Did you know – every dog’s nose is unique?

3. Dogs Are Two-Year Olds

Well, technically, they are not babies, but they have the same level of “smarts” as a 2-year old child. This means that they can hold up to 150 words (or commands) and even play tricks on people or other animals.

4. Dogs Mate Just 2 Times a Year

While it may seem like your dog is in heat forever, this isn’t the truth. Dogs can only mate twice a year, which makes breeding difficult.

5. Tail Wags Are Like Sign Language

One of my favorite fun facts about dogs deals with their tails. Did you know that tail wagging is essentially sign language? A dog’s wag will let you know when they are happy (usually fast tail wags) or insecure (low tail wags). Wags can also mean anxiousness and aggression.

6. Dogs Have an Extra Sense

Dogs are nothing short of magical, but you already knew that. Dogs also have a 6th sense that makes them a little more special. According to polls, 67% of dog owners state that their pet acts strange before a storm; 43% said their dog acted abnormally before a bad event occurred.

Dogs are very perceptive & can sense oncoming storms.

Dogs are very perceptive & can sense oncoming storms.

7. Dogs Sweat Through Their Feet

It’s not abnormal to see a dog pant to cool down – it’s natural. What you may not know is that dogs have sweat glands in their feet to help them cool down.

8. Dog’s Feet Smell Like Corn Chips

If you like “Fritos,” go and smell your dog’s feet – hurry. It’s strange, but a dog’s feet will smell like corn chips because of bacteria and sweat buildup on their paws.

9. Dog Glands are Located Near Their Backside

Why in the world do dogs smell the backside of other dogs? It may seems gross to you, but this is their way of understanding the other dog’s unique smell. A dog’s scent glands are located on their backside and is used when they urinate to mark their territory.

10. Dogs Can Smell Diseases

Medically, dogs are like House M.D.; they have a unique way of smelling a disease. The scent of a dog is so strong that they can often smell cancer before it is diagnosed. It is believed that dogs can pick up the faint smell of the abnormal cells in the body that are cancerous.

Did you know any or all of these facts about dogs? Man’s best friend is a marvel in itself and not only provides endless love, but has traits that are still being studied and researched today.

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VIDEO: 10 Fun Facts About Dogs

There is no doubt that people love their dogs. Many lucky pups are treated as a prized members of the family. And occasionally they even get better treatment then our children or spouses!

After all it’s just so easy to love our pets. They never have to work late, they don’t complain about silly things or fight with their brothers and sisters in the car. But how well do you really know your pooch?

Enjoy these 10 surprising facts about dogs brought to you from the folks at Fun Facts on YouTube.

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In this video I share with you 10 fun facts about dogs! I hope that all you dog owners enjoy this video, and learn something new while you’re at it.