The Lazy Pups Way to Enjoy a Hike

Creative ways to go hiking with your dog

Calling all nature lovers!!!

Nothing beats the natural beauty and freedom of going on a hike in the summer months. And it’s even better when you can bring your best friend along for the ride! But not all pups are cut out for a long trek through the woods.

If you love going for nature walks, why not bring your dog along for the ride? See how these creative owners planned ahead so their dogs could take in all the sights without having to worry about them going off trail! Enjoy these photos & see even more on Viral Nova.

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  1. “Are we there yet?”


What’re you looking at???  Photo: Imgur

  2. Doggy Neck Warmer


Really, Dad? I won’t get into trouble, I promise!! Photo: Imgur

  3. “Onward & Upward!!!


Ah, man – there goes a squirrel! Wonder if I can jump from here…. Photo: Imgur

  4. “This is the Life”


Even puppies need to get out. Photo: Imgur

  5. “Let’s go Daddy-oh!!”

My pop is the bomb!!!

My pop is the bomb!!! Photo: Imgur


Of course, not all dogs will fit into your backpack!  If your dog likes to join you on your venture outdoors, here are some trail tips to make sure both & your dog enjoy the hike.