This Seattle Dog Takes Herself to the Dog Park – On the Bus!

Bus Riding Dog on her way to the dog park

Some dogs are naturally independent, but one Seattle dog takes independence to a whole new level. Seattle’s Komo News reports that Belltown commuters have been seeing a Black Labrador named Eclipse riding the bus by herself. The two-year old pup doesn’t seem to mind sharing her seat with strangers, and commuters have spotted her roaming the aisles. Where is she headed? The dog park, of course!

One commuter, Tiona Rainwater, remarked that all of the bus drivers know her. She spends her ride sitting in a seat just like a person does. According to Ms. Rainwater, the dog’s presence makes everyone happy.

Seattle dog rides bus to dogpark

Passenger reactions are funny when they notice the dog riding alone

Miles Montgomery, a local radio host, took interest in the friendly Labrador when she got off the bus – alone – at a local dog park. At first, commuters and bus drivers assumed the dog had no owner, but as it turns out, Eclipse doesn’t always ride the bus by herself. A few times a week, Eclipse and her owner visit the dog park together. Sometimes, Eclipse can’t wait for her owner, so takes the initiative to go on her own. Gotta love a dog with gumption!

The two live right next to the 3 Ave. W. and W. Mercer Street bus stop. Eclipse took her first ride all by herself during rush hour when her owner took too long to finish his cigarette.

Jeff Young, Eclipse’s owner, said when the two got separated, she just hops on without him, and the two meet up at the dog park. She gets on the bus in front of the house, and then gets off at the local dog park, which is just three or four stops away.

Young said the tradition has been going on for a while.

“She’s been here the last two years, so she’s been urbanized, totally. She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog,” he said. “Probably once a week I get a phone call. ‘Hi. I have your dog Eclipse here on 3rd and Bell,'” he recounted. “I have to tell them, ‘no. She’s fine.’ She knows what she’s doing.”

A spokesman for Metro Transit said the agency loves that a dog appreciates public transit.

“She would be much safer in the world if she had her owner on a leash,” he joked. “It makes their day,” added Young. “It’s a good part of their day and it works out for her so I just let it go.”


What do you think? Would you let your dog ride the bus alone?