5 Critical Things to Keep Your Dog Happy This Summer

How is your dog doing this summer? If your pup is struggling through the hotter months, these 5 summer ready tips will help him beat the heat.

How is your dog doing this summer? If your pup is struggling through the hotter months, take a look at the top 5 summer ready tips that can help make it easier for Fido to cope this time of year.

1. Is it Haircut Time?

That’s right! Your pup might benefit from a trim in the summer more than you do. The winter months cause your pet’s coat to grow and become thick to keep him warm. But in summer it can get a little hot under there.

While short-haired dogs won’t need a trim, many dogs with longer coats may benefit from a little grooming. Dog breeds like poodles, Shih Tzus and Bichon Frise are good candidates for a summertime trim down. Many dogs will also appreciate a belly cut to help them keep cool.

dog hair cuts

Does your dog need a puppy hair cut? Photo Credit: Reddit/indignant_cat

But before you take out the scissors or shavers be sure to check with your vet. For double-coated dogs, their undercoat can actually help to keep them cool. It will naturally fall out when it’s ready. But for these furry dogs, you can still help them out by making the shedding process go a little quicker. Brush them daily and use shedding combs like the FURminator or a long toothed comb to ease out the older fur.

So make sure your pet’s coat is in good shape to help keep him cool this summer season. And check with your vet to see if your dog is a good candidate for a summer hair makeover.

2. Dog-friendly Sunscreen

Planning on bringing your pup to the beach this summer or relax near the pool together? You may have forgotten that a dog’s skin is sensitive just like a human’s. And their noses are prime sun burn targets just like ours.

You can find dog sunscreens in specialty pet shops, but baby sunscreen can be used in a pinch. You want to put sunscreen on the dog’s snout, ears and any other area where there is less hair than normal.

3. Paw Protection

Don't forget your pups feet in summertime!

Don’t forget your pups feet in summertime!

When the sun is beaming down on the pavement all day, it can get hot to the touch. A dog’s paws are not meant for this heat and will be better protected if you buy them a pair of dog shoes for the summer. There are plenty of mesh booties available that will protect the paws from the hot pavement and look fashionable at the same time.

If you dog is not the booty wearing type, you should test the pavement with your wrist. Hold your wrist to the pavement for 3 seconds – if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog.

Here are two more tips from an article at Rover.com to be sure your dog is summer ready.

4. Bust Out the Frozen Dog Treats

Speaking of freezing things: summer is the season of frozen delights! You can keep it simple by freezing beef or chicken broth in an ice cube tray, or get more elaborate with these recipes for homemade pupsicles and frozen treats.

5. Summer-fy the Dog Bed

There are loads of cooling dog beds on the market to keep your pet chilled while she’s chillin’ on a hot summer day.

An elevated cot bed allows for airflow all around your relaxing dog, while a freezeable ice matprovides a cool surface.

For a quick, budget-conscious cooldown that works with the dog bed you already have, try freezing two-liter bottles full of water and placing them in your dog’s bed (just remember to wrap the frozen bottles in a towel to protect your dog’s skin and sop up condensation as the ice melts).

Happy-beagleSummer is not quite over, we have another month or two of heat to get through. It can be a really fun time for both your pets as long as we can all stay cool and comfortable.

So follow these tips and you’ll be sure to beat the summer blues.